Classic Car Restoration Services
in Florida

Classic Car Restoration Services in Florida

Have a classic ride rusting away in your garage? Are you looking for retro Rolls Royce to slay those streets? Tristate Classic Car Restoration is the shop of your dreams.

Restoring any vintage vehicle in a simple, timeless manner is a commitment between the right mechanics staff and the vehicle owner. Only a trusted relationship of both the parties can result in a shining outstanding vehicle parked in your garage. We at Tristate Classic Car Restoration, are committed to offering only the top-quality materials and expert mechanics at our shop of classic auto restoration Florida. The smooth restoration of your vehicle is our utmost priority, and Tristate Classic takes its priorities seriously.

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What we do is a pure work of art. Nothing matters to us more than the beauty you bring to us for restoration. We carefully butt-weld the entire vehicle to perfection so that upon completion there’s no way to detect any signs of restoration – your classic vehicle is as new as it was in the 80’ or 70’.

We are a complete restoration center for your vintage cars and trucks turning your classic dreams into reality. Our muscle car restoration shop in South Florida has the right staff to restore your cars in a timely manner. We start by stripping your vehicle as step one and then take off every single part. Interior, wiring, motor/trans, glass, harness, all removable body panels, trimming, basically EVERYTHING is taken care of. We label all those parts and assess to see if they can be reused or not – we value every little screw and nut of a classic vehicle at our hands.

If you are a vintage car enthusiast and someone who believes in neat artistry, we can be your go-to Florida car restoration service.



As a diehard car lover, you do understand the value of being involved in every aspect of the restoration project. For us, this isn’t just a venture or a service; we are in love with the magic that happens at our shop all day around. Expect nothing but perfection from our expert technicians and workers who put their heart and skills into those vintage beauties that you bring at our workshop.

Cars for sale

Tristate Classic Car Restoration Florida is not just about the repair and restore works; we do sell some exotic vintage vehicles too. Our reasonably justified prices and sales process takes the hassle out of the purchasing a classic car or truck for yourself. We take pride in providing our clientele with great market competitive prices and customer service.

Performance work

What separates us from an average car shop is our craftsmanship and experience. No quick fixtures, no untrimmed corners, 100% attention to detail. We welcome you into the new world of restoration processes where your vehicle is owned and valued. We team up with our customer to examine the condition of the car and talk about your goals. We assess your vehicle in light of our experience and take care of your preferences at our best.


Check out our gallery to see some of our work. From clean-ups to restoration to a resto-mod – we do everything in-house. At Tristate Classic Car Restoration, we value your cars as much as you do!