Classic Car Restoration – Work of Excellent Professionals

Classic Car Restoration – Work of Excellent Professionals

Classic car restoration in Central Florida is one of our specialties in the Tristate custom car shop in Florida. Our facilities are fully equipped with what is necessary for our excellent professionals to restore the beauty and original conditions in the restoration of classic cars. When our custom car shops in Florida receive one of these classic cars in bad or fair conditions, the first thing we offer them is the best facilities, the garage, and the workshop at Tristate Classic Car Restorations.


The professional and experienced team is prepared for all kinds of actions that the restoration of classic cars requires. Any restoration in the Tristate custom car shop in Florida begins with a thorough and complete study that can result in a partial job or a full restoration. The complete restoration of classic cars implies a high specialization in different areas such as mechanics, electronics, electricity, sheet metal, paint, and upholstery.

How do we do it?

In a typical case of complete classic car restoration, you can start by separating the body from the chassis and then treating these elements separately, guaranteeing a better result. The car receives a complete stripping through sandblasting of the chassis to leave it in its original state, without primers or paint to continue with the restoration by the hand of the rusted or deteriorated parts and stripping the lower part of the body to seal the unions. Once this was done, we commence painting and lacquering the underbody, also sanding the body thoroughly to apply the new lines and their primer. This phase is essential in the restoration of classic cars.


Turn Your Classic Car into a Unique Jewel

At Tristate Classic Car Restorations, we have professionals with knowledge and experience in every aspect of classic car restoration in Central Florida. We turn your classic car into a unique jewel. We are experts in the restoration of classic cars, but with extensive experience in all brands of high-end vehicles.

We know how important your classic car is to you and how unique it is to you. We restore it to the look and function it once did, or to the vehicle, you imagine.

We have a sheet metal and painting service, equipped with the most advanced facilities and equipment, and tailored upholstery service. We can offer you a restoration of the upholstery and bodywork of your classic car of the highest quality, respecting the original style of your vehicle or, if you wish, making any type of modification.

Why Tristate for car restoration in Central Florida?

Our classic car restoration service in Central Florida is a combination of artisan procedures using the latest technologies and the most innovative equipment. We carry out from the recovery or specific modification of any part of your vehicle (engine, sheet metal, and paint, interior, upholstery, wheels, brake calipers, exhaust pipe) to the comprehensive restoration of your car, whatever the state it is in.


Classic custom car builders in Florida with accolades

Check out our catalog of some of the fantastic classic car restoration work we have carried out for clients. You will see that we can carry out any type of project with the best results, regardless of the vehicle’s condition.

We carefully disassemble each part of your classic car, clean and treat or replace them, if necessary, to reassemble them and carry out all the procedures that are required so that your restoration is unbeatable. We will contact you in each phase of the restoration so that the result is what you are looking for.

If you are looking for specific parts for your classic car, we also have spare parts for all brands’ classic cars. Contact Tristate custom car shops in Florida. Our team will offer you a budget best suited to your pocket.


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