Do’s and Don’t’s While Restoring a Classic Car

Do-s and Donts While Restoring a Classic Car

With plenty of old things becoming trendy again, for classic car enthusiasts, now is the perfect time to embark on an exciting, fulfilling project: restoring a classic car.

If you live in Florida, restoring a classic car is an incredible way to breathe new life into an old useless car. This specific type of project can be fun, challenging, exciting, and relaxing simultaneously. The options that the Florida car restoration scene offers are something every classic auto restoration enthusiast would appreciate.

To experience all these during and after your classic car restoration, you must correctly go through the entire process.

To enjoy the whole process of restoring a classic car and get the outcomes that you are expecting, remember some critical dos and don’ts:


Choose a restoration type based on your goal

When doing a classic car restoration, you have to choose among four kinds or levels. These are:

Driver restoration

The most simple kind of enhancement work done on classic cars. Under this level, the classic car gets repaired to bring it back to a working condition. Minor cosmetic issues of a classic car are fixed. It’s the best option if you want to have a working automobile for personal use.

Street show restoration

Under this car restoration level, the classic car’s major and minor cosmetic issues go through a thorough examination.

Show car restoration

This type usually requires professionals’ help since the vehicle will undergo significant repair and improvement works. Once the classic car restoration occurs, you can display your vehicle in classic auto shows and exhibitions. However, you won’t be able to go out for long drives using this automobile.

Concourse restoration

The concourse is the highest level and most expensive type of classic car restoration. Professionals do all the work, and once the project is complete, you will be asked not to drive the car. Many Classic auto restoration enthusiasts in Florida choose this kind of classic car restoration.

Read the owner’s manual

Regardless of how long you have had the classic car, take the time to become reacquainted with it, and know your vehicle even more.

Keep in mind that a simple mistake caused by a lack of information or wrong assumption can cause significant difficulties that can lead to poor, unexpected results. As such, re-read the classic auto restoration manual before starting the project.

Use existing parts that can get repaired

When restoring a classic car, you don’t have to replace every piece, even the damaged ones. By reusing the current parts, you can save some money on your car restoration.

Although you can get authentic parts, they are often expensive and hard to find. Suppose you want to save money and time, then you can repair or refurbish and reuse the existing components. You can find refurbished parts for your car restoration in South Florida at an affordable price point.

Update some car parts and equipment

Although you can (and should) use existing parts, you have to know which ones require replacement. You should also add and upgrade certain gear and equipment.

First on this list is the safety equipment. Many old classic cars have low-quality seatbelts and do not have airbags. You have to prioritize this if you are restoring your classic car to use it again.


Skip the mock-up

Performing a mock-up is a crucial step in successful classic car restorations. This process involves pre-fitting and gapping all body panels while in raw steel or primer before doing any finish work and paint job to ensure they all fit.

Stick to old engine technology

The engine is another car part that can benefit from some updates.

If you get the research done correctly, you will find new parts compatible with your classic car’s engine. As a result, you can improve your classic car’s performance without making extremely drastic changes.

Set a low budget

Classic car restorations are expensive. As such, you have to be sure you can afford it before committing to it.

Moreover, try not to set a low budget for classic car restoration. Don’t expect to have the amazing, perfect ride within a few months or so if you do.

Before you start calling up service centers that specialize in classic car restorations, think about the type or level of work you want to get done. You can then ask for quotes or estimates for your classic car and set a budget based on what you get.


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