How to Find A Good Deal on Antique Cars in Florida

How to Find A Good Deal on Antique Cars in Florida

Where to look for antique cars in Florida? Yes! Once we are clear about the type of car we wish to buy, it is time to get started. The Internet is an excellent tool because it saves us a lot of time and gives us a view of the entire market for antique cars in Florida.

The ideal is to buy classics in South Florida.

Although the Internet gives us access to a vast variety, we must bear in mind that going to find a car 1,000 km from home involves a series of expenses that we must add to the value of the vehicle. Maybe that offer that is on the other end of the Peninsula is not so good if we take into account the trips to see it, pick it up and the possible inconveniences of having to take it to one of its workshops in case of a breakdown in the period warranty.

Where to find antique cars in Florida

Bargains are an excellent opportunity to find a good deal.

In your surroundings:

Ask your acquaintances and relatives. If you have the opportunity to buy a classic car in Florida from a relative of whom you know exactly how you care for it, and the result shows.

Take advantage of the fairs and shows:

Throughout the year, fairs and used shows take place almost every week. Find out if there are any in your city or near and go look. They are very comfortable because in a minimal area you have access to a wide variety of vehicles. In addition, special offers are often available at the fair.


Dealers and Sales:

Car dealers usually have a good assortment of a used classic car in Florida from customers who come to buy a new car and deliver theirs as part of the payment. Of course, the centers specialized in used cars are also a good source of offers and attractive prices.

Another question that arises here is whether it is better to buy the car from a private individual or a professional. Well, there is everything. There are honest professionals and remote pirates and vice versa. In general, an individual has the advantage that we can “question” him and find out why he is selling it, see how he takes care of his car, and it is usually possible to negotiate the price with him more and get a fair offer.  On the other hand, we will have a lower guarantee and support in case of problems with the car.

What to check when buying a used car

Now that you have located one of your candidates, it is time to test it and verify its status. If you do not have the slightest idea of ​​mechanics and you know someone who does, it is best if they accompany you.

Four eyes see more than two and it is always good to have a second external opinion and with a cooler head than ours. In all cars, three things are what you must check:

  • Legal status
  • Mechanical condition and
  • Condition of the exterior and the interior
  • Check the papers: sometimes, especially when buying from an individual, we can find unpleasant surprises, such as the car having unpaid tax charges, domain reservations because it belongs to a finance company. Check that it has no controls or it leaves specified in the sales contract that the previous owner will bear any debt before the purchase date. Everything must be included in the documentation, including the user manual and the maintenance book.
  • Check the exterior of the car:Do not fall for it by the appearance only. Check if there are color differences between the doors and the wings (especially in metallic paint cars). If one headlight shines more than another does, this may indicate that these parts have been changed or repaired. These kinds of things indicate that there may be a serious blow.
  • Check the interior appearance of the car: Check that the seats do not have slack. The seat belts collect well and do not remain unrolled. Lift the mats in search of glass.
  • Check the mechanics of the car:check that all car accessories are working correctly (window regulators, headlights, windshield wipers, headlight washers, air conditioning, radio, automatic antenna- everything).

If you do not have much experience in buying antique vehicles in Florida, it is best to go to reputable and severe sales.


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