Tips to Start Restoring an Old Classic Car

Tips to Start Restoring an Old Classic Car


Behind every classic car, there is beauty, elegance, and nostalgia. These qualities justify the existence of a high number of followers of the classic car restoration in South Florida. Have you ever thought about starting a project like a classic car restoration in Florida?


Your dream is to restore a classic car, so make an effort and proceed. These beauties are sure to convince you of it. In that case, we from Tristate classic car restoration in South Florida share some keys that you should keep in mind:


  1. Research the car for car restoration in Florida: what model it is, what year it is, manufacturing details, the original upholstery, the decorative details, and the alloy used, the following models, and so on. You can also go to the best car restoration shopsand meet a specialist in best car restoration shops of car restoration in Florida who can assist in the valuation of vintage cars to guide you on its value, and its status.
  2. Before starting with classic car restorationin Florida, take the car to a professional mechanic. Yes, it is to check the car’s condition, the parts to change, and what replacements the mechanical part requires.


  1. With all the information on the table, create a budget. For this, you must consider the parts that you must acquire the cost of the materials, the new upholstery, and the labor if you need mechanic parts, the visits to the best car restoration shops near me to have the progress reviewed. Besides, small details matter when it comes to classic car restoration in Central FloridaSearch and find pages, shops, or individuals that sell the original parts of your car model.


  1. When restoring the mechanical part, it will be handy to have a pit in the workspace. If you do not have the option of working in a workshop (for example, a friend’s) and preferably in your garage, you may need to consider the possibility of installing some type of lifting platform.


  1. Another critical issue that you must take into account in the conditioning of the garage is humidity. Since excess of it can cause the corrosion of the old bodywork. For this, you can use a dehumidifier.


  1. When you start to dismantle for classic car restoration in Central Florida, you must have an apparent premise, and that is not to lose sight of order and organization. To do this, you will get bags and labels to store and classify the small parts. Make sure to fix a camera to capture the placement of the pieces, stickers to list the parts that you are removing. All this will be of great help when it comes time to return to ride the car. For your part, those same photographs will help you find the spare parts.
  2. As you progress with the mechanics, it would be advisable to visit the trusted and the best classic car restoration shops so that a professional mechanic can check that everything works correctly and that you are not leaving anything in the air.
  3. Metal parts to be replaced are usually replaced by sheet metal parts made of carbon steel, with a tin alloy, about 2 mm thick.


Classic car restoration in Central Florida: Culture or Simple Business?

The conservation and restoration of a classic car in Central Florida have become much more than a hobby. A new business has made its way in recent years, and it seems to have no limit.


A hobby or is there something more?

Especially over the last decade, the market value of classic cars has increased exponentially, vastly outpacing other investment markets such as art, coins, jewelry, diamonds, or even gold. The reason? Its price has been growing practically from the first month since its acquisition. However, this fashion is not entirely new, since the late 80s, classic car restoration has been gaining prominence. However, the 1990s were not particularly favorable for investors in classic cars, who saw many of their values. For which they had paid astronomical sums years before, began to devalue continuously. And so on for years, until we enter the 21st century.


What characteristics must classic cars meet for a maximum restoration?

They must be cars of prestigious brands, especially unique or rare models, with a preference for prototypes. If the car itself contains some historical detail – having belonged to a famous person or having participated in some relevant sports events – its price increases significantly. In addition, the prestige of the brand or the specific model, its type of bodywork – better in the case of coupes than saloons – and especially its state of conservation, end up being transcendental.


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